Ladies ONLY Bootcamp


Ladies, do you:?

Want to look great for those Xmas parties that are just around the corner?

Want to drop a dress size & fit well into your favorite number?

Wanna have fun whilst doing it?

Want to be trained by the top two trainers in Kettering and learn the best fat burning and muscle toning exercises money can buy?

Matt Sutton and James Mackay are offering all of this with a FOUR WEEK Program that’s purely results driven. Expect to lose inches and gain ONLY lean muscle tissue.

Full Details:


  • Kick’s Off November 2nd.
  • Run’s every Tues/Thursday at 9.30am for FOUR weeks
  • Location: Garden at the back of Kettering Park Hotel and Spa.
  • Cost: Only £69.99!!! (This price will move up to normal Bootcamp price of £79.99 in the New Year)
  • Included: 4 Week Beach Body Nutrition plan & Hot shower!!!
Four Week BootCamp ONLY £69.99
As soon as you join, you will receive you Beach Body Bootcamp Nutrition Plan! It maybe too late to hit the beach but it’s not too late to get the body!!!
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