8 minute Friday Lunchtime workout

Hey Guy’s!!!

Right, I don’t care if your at home, at work or standing in the middle of town (well maybe not the last one), STOP what your doing and DO my Fat Furnace 8 minute workout NOW.

It will set you up for the weekend. Bootcampers…. I want you to do this Fri, Sat & Sunday in preparation for Fit tests on Monday!!!

No equipment needed, NO excuses!!! It’s dead simple.

8 Minute Fat Furnace Lunch Time Workout

What to do: Do the following exercises in the order stated below.
Each exercise lasts 15 sec’s before changing and you then repeat the superset again.
For example: On the first cardio superset you do 15s star jumps, 15s high knees, 15s star jumps, 15s high knees. NO rest in between. Then move on to first resistance Superset!!!

Cardio Superset 1: Star Jumps / High Knees

Resistance Superset 1: Squats / Press Ups

Cardio Superset 2: Sprints on the spot / Burpees

Resistance Superset 2: Lunge’s / Crunches or full sit ups

Cardio Superset 3: Mountain Climbers / Straight punches (fast as you can)

Resistance Superset 3: Reverse sit-ups / Back Extensions

Cardio Superset 4: Vertical jumps (jump as high as you can!Mind ya head though) / Elbow to knees

Resistance Superset 4: Tricep Press Up’s (close grip) / Glute Kicks (Get on all four on the floor. Kick your heel towards the ceiling, alternating legs).

Lunch time workout finished! WELLDONE!!!

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