Why Detox?

Firstly well done to EVERYONE who signed up to our brand new weight management plan, ‘The Guaranteed Success, Weightloss Programme’.
I know many of you are still in the early (hardest) day’s of the program but I’m hearing good things from you all.
As you guy’s know, the first part of our new program is the 9 Day Detox.
You probably heard the word detox many, many times but do you know actually what is a detox and why should you detox?
So Why Detox?
Well, the body stores foreign substances and toxins in its fatty deposits. So in many cases, people may be acrrying up to 10 or more extra pounds (4.5kg) of unhealthy mucus-harbouring toxic waste!
         And you wonder why you are so tired, have PMS, digestive disorders, headaches, joint pains, bad breath, allergies, constipation, brittle nails, skin eruptions, poor memory, depression, insomnia, excess weight and so on. It is a toxic world we live in, and you may be living in an increasingly toxic body.
         For a time, your body will struggle to protect itself from toxins by trapping them in a ball of mucus or fat so that they are impeded from triggering adverse immune reactions. But this Band Aid will only last temporarily. Before long, the toxins will seep into the bloodstream and into cell membranes, disturbing metabolic function and causing tissue damage.
Not good I think you’ll agree!
So what benefits are you likely to get from a Detox?
– More energy
– Clearer skin
– Weight loss (if needed)
– Brighter eyes
– A stronger immune system
– Greater mental clarity
– Increased self-confidence
– and when necessary a great boost against illness.A detox basically cleanses your body, and makes you feel like you are bursting with energy and on top of the world!

Sound good? We will be launching the start date of our next programme soon so stay tuned!

Take Care,


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