The Bootcamp Challenge has arrived

Hey Peeps!

Check out the workout below, The Bootcamp Challenge’, that I subjected my campers to on Monday night.

You can do this ANYWHERE, in the gym or the park. I’m also gonna show you a modified version for the gym that will make use of the gym equipment (coz if your gonna use the gym, you may as well get your moneys worth & use the facilities hey?).

DESCRIPTION: There are 3 tiers to this workout: Starter’s (30 reps),Intermediate (40) and Rocky (50 reps).
Whichever Tier you choose that’s how many reps you do for each exercise.

Here’s the workout:

The Bootcamp Challenge

Prep: Measure up your 100m. Get a stop watch ready. As soon as you start your first sprint hit the start button and press stop on completion of the whole workout.

100m sprint > Burpees > 100m sprint > Hindu Squats > 100m sprint > Press Ups – 100m sprint – Squat jumps – 100m sprint – Rotating T-Press Up – 100m sprint – Spidermans – 100m sprint.

Big James O set the bar on the Rocky challenge completing this mammoth workout in just under 15 minutes (14.57 to be exact).
How quickly can you do it??? Let me know!


Here are a few links to exercises you maybe unsure of:
Hindu Squats
Rotating T-Press Up (Do the rotation only in this workout, not the press up).

Bootcamp challenge ….Gym version:

The Sprint: Okay so each sprint you do will obviously be done on the treadmill.
Do 0.1km (100 meters) & complete as fast as you can. If your a fast sprinter I suggest you set the treadmill up at it’s fastest speed (usually 20km/ph), stand on the side’s of the treadmill to give it time to get to speed and once it hit’s 0.1, jump on and finish at 0.2.

Now choose which tier: 30, 40 or Rocky 50!!!

Do the exercises in this order:
Sprint >> Squats holding a 12kg dumbell (men), 6kg Dumbell (ladies). Each squat must bring your hips down level with your knees >> Sprint >> Bench Press 18kg (men), 8kg (ladies) Sprint >> Dumbell Row’s (same weights as squats) >> Sprint >> Swiss Ball Sit Ups >> Sprint >> Dumbell Shoulder Press (same/similar weights to squats) >> Burpees >> Sprint


Remember the ‘Challenge’ part of this workout is how quickly you can perform the whole workout with good form. Let me know how you go guy’s! I’d love to hear your times!!!

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