Matt Sutton home workouts Edition 1

Hey Guy’s,

Today is the first edition of a series of workouts that I’m going to share with my readers on creative training for optimum results with limited time and space.

I’m selecting tried and tested workouts that I’ve been designing & using for some time now and with fantastic results!!!

Even better is…. YOU DON’T EVEN NEED TO GO GYM!!!

Now by this I don’t mean the workouts will not incorporate any equipment BUT the amount and the type of equipment being used will mean that you can do these workouts in a room that isn’t even big enough to swing a cat!!! This is exactly what I do with many of my clients of whom I train from their home and the general feedback I get from these clients is something like this, ‘ Boy, I have never ever worked that hard in the gym before’.

Moving on….

Today’s workout will utilise two of my MOST used pieces of equipment for home training.
THE KETTLE BELL THE BOSU BALL Just by using these two bits of kit you can simply put together thousands of workout types.

If you look to the right handside of this page >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
you’ll see the two product links that I’ve found at reasonable prices. The 8kg suitable for ladies and 16kg for men but this also very much depends on the individual. I bought my bosu through physical company…………………..

[Image] Phil ‘THE HULK’, Holden in action!!
Today’s workout is the FAT SHREDDER aptly named because of the metabolism boost you will get from the plyometric exercises.
Focus: A full body workout that will blast fat by rocketing your metabolism with extremely high intensity exercises and painfully small rest periods!!!!
Level: Advanced but modifications can be made.

Bosu Ball Warm-Up:
Step ups 30 sec’s Step Up, elbow to knee twist 30 sec’s Lateral step ups 30 sec’s Squats on blue side of ball Press Ups holding handles on outside of ball (ball turned upside down) Repeat
Mobilise: heel kicks, ham kicks, reverse chest fly’s etc
4 Station Bw circuit: 30 sec per/ex. 1 min rest when done one circuit, then repeat once more.
Alternate forward stepping lunge to shoulder press Ab wipers Mountain climbers Press Ups Kb circuit + plyometric exercise:
Now the work REALLY starts…You do a total of 1 minute non-stop work (40 sec’s  of the kettle bell exercise and the last 20’s you do the plyometric exercise). 2 SET’S ON EACH.

(40 sec kb + 20sec plyo)
Both arm KB Swings – Burpee’s One arm row – M climbers One arm bench press (body rested on bosu) – Tuck jumps One legged Squat – Power push ups (Explosive push up to leave the floor or if you can handle it, try a clap of the hands before returning to the floor!). KB Snatch & Press (whilst standing on black side of Bosu ball) – Squat Jumps. KB Turkish get up – Squat thrusts
Bosu Ball Core Conditioning Finisher & cooldown
1 set of 15 rep’s per/ex

Sit-Ups option. holding medicine ball above head Back extensions V-Sit Up on ball Plank(forearms on blue side) 1 minute step-ups Stretches Notes: If you don’t have a kettle bell and want to perform this workout at your gym you can. The exercises listed work very well also with one dumbell. You can use a reebok step if you don’t have a bosu ball.


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