7 Key Factors for a Perfect Workout

My favorite fitness expert, Craig Ballantyne has just sent me a great article to give to my readers for FREE…

Here are, in order, the 7 key phases you need to go through in order to have the perfect “fat burning, lean body sculpting” workout.

1 – Self-Massage

I’ve been doing this half-heartedly for years, but recently started

taking this more seriously, using a foam roller, tennis ball, and

Acuball to “tenderize” my muscles prior to training. I’ll do some

videos and articles on this soon, I promise.

2 – Mobility Warm-up

Just like you see in all of the TT workouts, I use bodyweight

exercises, dynamic stretches, and even static stretches prior to

training – depending on my needs or my client’s needs.

3 – Explosive Exercise

Before I hit my main strength exercise, I’ll do a jump exercise (if

I am focusing on a lower body workout) or a medicine ball throw (if

I’m focusing on bench presses or military presses).

You’ve already used TT programs with jumps, but expect more medicine

ball throws soon.

4 – Main Exercise

Now I move to the main exercise, such as squats, deadlifts or bench

presses (and military presses or handstand pushups).

In your TT workouts, you’ll start with a superset of the most

important exercises as your main lifts.

5 – Assistance Exercises

We’re about 15-20 minutes into a workout by now, and this is where

I’ll add assistance exercises for my strength work or metabolic

circuits for a fat loss program.

6 – Ab Endurance Exercises

Personally, I’ve been doing a lot of the basics – planks, side

planks, Stability Ball planks, and rollouts. In TT programs, you get

a little more variety, including TRX or Ball Pikes, plus Jackknives,

cross-body mountain climbers, etc.

Just remember, you do NOT need (or want) to do crunches or sit-ups.

7 – Interval Training

If you are new to interval training, just listen to what Turbulence

Training Transformation Contest Winner Charles Hiller has to say

about it:

“Interval training, has opened my mind up to a better way of

getting in shape and loosing weight. I am spending much less time

in the gym, and obtaining results that I never thought possible –

over 30 pounds in 6 weeks with TT. I have more energy, feel better,

and no longer suffer bouts of depression. TT and intervals gave me

back my life.”

And from Turbulence Training fan, Annette Hall:

“As an aerobics teacher since the age of 16, it has been extremely

hard for me to accept that Intervals are the most effective fat

burning method of training. However, I realised after reading on

the TT site that if aerobics were effective I should have been as

thin as a stick and I wasn’t! Since switching to intervals and TT

workouts I have not only lost over 28 pounds, I am fitter than I

have ever been and am wondering why people bother with aerobics for

fat loss!”

Interval training is powerful and proven, and is an essential part

of the perfect workout. If you aren’t using interval training in

your workouts, make sure you get the Turbulence Training for Fat

Loss System to discover how to boost your fat burning with

intervals today!


Let me know if you have any questions or suggestions.

To your success!

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS

Author, Turbulence Training

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