Best EVER offer!


Here it is guys, the best fitness/fatloss offer,

 I have EVER put out…

Firstly I’ve a quick question. What do you think the NO.1 biggest frustration a personal trainer has with his clients?

 If you said nutrition…you were dead right!

The number one rule with weight loss is… YOU CAN’T OUT TRAIN A BAD DIET.

That’s why when the 39 Nutri-Lean Program came along last year it transformed my business! So much so, that I’m even doing a seminar on it this wednesday at David Lloyds, Cambridge.

———————————————>>>>>>>>>>>>>> So…

…..I decided that the offer had to give people a huge incentive to follow what I believe is the best nutrition kickstart on the market and what better incentive than you guys saving lots of moolah!!!

Okay lets get to the offer!

It’s simple…

Bootcamp Training + Great nutrition + Weightloss Coaching = UNBELIEVABLE RESULTS

So here’s the deal…

Sign up to evening OR morning Bootcamp in August & get a ridiculous 10%? 20%,



30% discount OFF my 39 day nutrition program, Nutri-Lean (now branded as Choices)




Your coach will tell you:

  • What to eat

  • When to eat &

  • How much to eat!

Your coach will be on your back for the full 39 days making sure you’re keeping up with the program.


Okay, normal price = £273

You pay = ONLY £190!!! (SAVE £83.00!)


Infact I told my wife about this on our honeymoon & she told me I was mad!!!

Her exact words were, ‘Why would you do such a rock bottom price, you’re not gonna make any money!’

She’s RIGHT. She’s always RIGHT!

I told her it’s a RESULTS offer.

I’m doing it as a one-off, PURELY to get a kick out of seeing so many awesome results. Obviously I hope that it will attract people to use our services again based on the results that we get.

Why Nutri-Lean for serious results?

Simple…. it works!

The success I’ve had with my clients on the Nutri-lean program have just been nuts. Best result… 23Ibs lost in 39 days!

So if you have OR intend to sign up Bootcamp this month you are elidgable for this.

How to sign up?

Easy, just drop my a line [email protected] & we can get you started!

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