No.1 Abs mistake


Straight to the point today. The No.1 Abs mistake?

You’d probably think it would be choice of exercise.

Well, I disagree. Here’s my take….

The No.1 Abs mistake? = Leaving your ab training until the end of your workout!

The thing I notice the most in regards to Ab training from spending HUNDREDS of hours in the gym is this…

Pretty much EVERYONE leaves their Ab work, until the end of their workout!!!

Yep, right at the end when the fuel tank has been depleted to max!!!

Logically this makes NO SENSE.

(I haven’t met anyone who doesn’t want six pack abs or even a stronger core to help them reduce back injury etc and yet most gym goers leave their Ab training, right til the end of the session, when they’ve got the least amount of energy!!!).

Here is a SIMPLE training tip for you all: Always start the session with whatever your main goal is to improve.

  • If you want to build a Mens Health Cover Body look I suggest you hit the weights first!
  • If you’re training for a 10k run then doing an hour of weights first is not going to do you any good. Start your running FIRST!
  • Ab training is the same! If you know your Abs are a weak point, try simply starting your session with 15-20 mins of Abs Work.

I guarantee after doing this for 2-4 weeks you will start seeing that rippled torso. If not chances are your diet is to blame.

If so you need this…


PS. We have the most AWESOME Bootcamp crew this month, monday’s session was rockin! I invisage some incredible results again by the end of this four week block. WATCH THIS SPACE…..

Stay Strong!


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