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How we all doing guys!??? All ready to enjoy the Xmas break?

Busy time huh!!!

Okay listen up guys coz TODAY I have a V important post for you!!!

Firstly I’m going to reveal to you my




Drum Roll pls…………………..


>>> Well done ANNA LOPERFIDO! Anna you are a true inspiration to us all <<<


I actually informed Anna last week that I would be picking her for this & so I asked her if she would write a few lines that will inspire others to transform themselves too!


Anna has kindly shared her full story in the following post which pretty much includes a blueprint for success on losing weight and having the right mindset to achieve in pretty much anything you do in life!!!


Now because of the length of the post I’ve split it into two parts.


Heres part one….


Weight loss Journey P1


Start stats:-

Weight: 185.2 kg

Body fat %: 62

Measurements in inches

Waist: 61

Hips: 69

Bust: 59

Start BMI: 69



Weight: 95kg

Body fat%: 35%

Measurements in inches:

Waist: 36

Hips: 43.5

Bust: 38

Bmi : 34


I made a decision which I had to make to be able live my life to the fullest in order to not have one foot in the grave.  My weight loss journey has by no means been an easy Journey but it has definitely been the most rewarding Journey of my life.

I think that there comes a time in anyone’s life when we all make choices to self-improve but with me it wasn’t like that at all.

In order to live I had to follow this Journey. I was ashamed of being me

and knowing me at my heaviest. . I have never really been comfortable in expressing to anyone the weight I started at and the emotions behind it. It’s like you are eating this food and you know it is making you fatter, unhealthy but you can’t stop this cycle.

So how do you get to 185kg?

There are a lot of contributors towards my weight gain. First one is for the first time in my life I lived alone at university doing my nursing  degree and had the freedom to drink and  eat what hell I like and I  fully took advantage of this.

I was so restricted prior to university as I lived with my Nan and she was strict with my diet as she wanted me to get to a healthy weight and I did kind of I was around 180 pounds.

Problem is was I losing the weight for me being restricted? No not at all. I think to be fully successful in a journey to lose weight and maintain it you have to do it for yourself or you won’t keep it off.

Major Accident

Then there was major accident – I was in a fire, I still have skin graft scars to prove it and also the pictures of 185kg the biggest scar.

Before the accident I was 118KG you don’t go from 118-185kg without hiding away from emotions. Hiding away from reality isn’t going make the problem go away at all it’s still going be there if I face it or not so I guess I had to face it.



To be continued…




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