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I’m back to share with you part two of Body Transformation of the year 2011…


HERE’S the story P2………




Anna Lopefido Amazing Weighloss Journey Part 2

How did I come to the decision of losing weight BUT this time for good?

Well there were only two options really live or die? I chose to live!

I was basically one foot in the grave, I had

  • Severe asthma
  • Anaemia out of control
  • High cholesterol(10.3)
  • High blood pressure(165/124)
  • on the road to heart disease, diabetes
  • a stroke before 30? I don’t think so.

So my health was out of control.

The Decision to Make a Change

Even washing was becoming a chore; I could not go upstairs without my inhaler with me. I was an emotional mess. I did not know why my fiancé Steve loved me but somehow he saw past fat and obesity and saw me for me and as a result of my weight loss we are getting married.

Something had to change and I did not have a clue where to even start with it all.

I was lost to be honest.

But being the person I am I did a lot of research on diets etc. I watched the biggest loser and thought I want do that and match their weight loss’s – guess what I did.

How do you exercise at 185kg? Geez it was hard work but I was determined to do it. I started walking on the treadmill at a gym and cross trainer but the intensity was very low compared to now. The thing I found though was the more I lost the more I could do.

My first week’s weight loss was 17.5 pounds. My first month I lost 33 pounds.

After that I averaged 14-18 pounds a month up March 2011. Which takes me to my 1 year anniversary of losing weight (30th march 2010) Then it went to about 8-10 a month.

Then the dreaded plateau arisen and I couldn’t get out of it. WHAT TO DO!!!

Finding a good

Personal Trainer

I searched high and low for a personal trainer. If anyone can get you out a plateau it’s a good PT for sure. So I found Matt and he has been a like a guardian angel really if there ever was one in a PT way.

He gave me so much advice on nutrition, exercise, supplements, and lifestyle. He has also een there for motivation, support and advice.

From Plateau to losing 20Ibs in 9 days!!!

So this plateau I was talking about….. Matt was telling me one day in PT about Choices which is the branded weightloss program from Forever Living. He shared his personal success with it but also with clients. So I thought, cool I could lose 7 pounds in 9 days why not, bargain price for good weight loss and may I add you only need 20 mins exercise a day on this plan! EASY I thought!

So I tried it and guess what I lost not 7 not even 10 or 12 pounds in 9 days but 20 pounds!!!

I also lost inches lots of them- 14 inches all over body but 4 off my thighs alone and my thighs are stubborn fat area!

Now I calorie control using forever products to supplement with and have added health benefits aloe offers.



My diet is 1200-1800 cals a day but I exercise 3-4 hours 6 days a week. It is high protein; low carb loads fruit and veggies. Nothing we don’t know already right?

My diet previously was high calorie, high carb, high sugar, high food, processed foods.

Top 5 things took out my diet

-Refined, processed junk

-Wheat and gluten

-Alcohol and caffeine

-High fats (wrong fats Saturated)

-Fizzy drinks


I replaced these with lean meats, fish, pulses, veggies and fruit, low fat Greek yogurt, eggs and wholegrain.

Sometimes like many people I get sweet cravings.

My Top two choices 

(if you have a sweet craving & need it staisfying with minimum calories)

Option 1 –  0% total Greek yoghurt and mixture raspberries and blueberries.

Option 2 – 0% with either protein powder mixed in or an options flavour sachet (options 40 calls sachet).


Tips on losing weight:-

Drink plenty of water, 3 litres plus a day. This will help flush the body of toxins plus it keeps you hydrated & therefore you have more energy.

Hunger is often mislead by thirst. So check the thirst thing out before you grab a snack!

Find a diet you enjoy and keep your goals in sight. I split my weight loss journey up in mini goals and major goals and once I reached one ticked it off.

My first one was to lose 10% start weight then was to get under certain brackets. Always do pictures of my progress and measurements they keep you motivated. Keep a journal of your weight loss and exercise and even emotions so you can see what you’re doing right or wrong.

Invest in a kii fit it most accurate device to see how many calories you burn a day which includes how many calories you burn naturally just living  to exercise, working, housework, shopping even sleeping!! It keeps you accountable and you can log your intake online so tells you your daily deficit. When you fall off the wagon which we all will as we are only human don’t beat yourself up, guilt will only keep you off track.

Acknowledge, accept and move on and back on bandwagon you go.

Make realistic goals.

Don’t set yourself up to fail if you know you can only exercise 1 hour a day don’t set yourself to lose 5 pounds a week it just isn’t going happen unless you eat 200 calories a day isn’t going happen now is it?

Prepare for unexpected Eg maintaining or gaining even if your good why because 1. Body retains fluids, 2. Body needs catch up with work sometimes we are gaining muscle. Don’t lose the faith as although outside your not seeing pounds go inside your metabolism is revving up, fat cells are decreasing and you’re losing inches and body fat.

Inches and body fat are under rated.


Personal training and bootcamp:-

I started Pt with Matt in September. It was a bit of a shock at first because it was really intense and although I have done a lot exercise and various ones I have never suffered the muscle pain I did initially but you adjust and adapt.

Now I look forward to the pain because it means I am working hard and being pushed beyond my comfort zones. To get results you have to be prepared to be pushed beyond your comfort zones.

Matt has made every Pt session enjoyable, varied. We have covered flexibility, stability, cardio, weight training, interval training, Tabata’s, running, sprinting, jogging, kettle bell training, spin bikes and boxing to name a few.

He basically uses various exercise techniques to bring out the best in your capabilities.

Believe me you will surprise yourself in how far you can go and the buzz is amazing. When I started running with matt I was like argh, no I can’t run but now I have ran outside with matt and decreased my time. So believe in yourself. He will make you become the confident, fit healthy person you deserve to be because you are worth the effort and time. If you think it couldn’t get any harder than Pt WRONG…..

Matt’s bootcamp will soar your fitness out of control, how else can I exercise 3-4 hours a day. Matt has helped take my fitness through the roof in such a short space time but it does take commitment with the nutrition and exercises he tells you to do in and out of training. If you want good results bootcamp and PT with Matt is a yesssss!!!

What have you got to lose except weight!  Pt, boot camp and clean 9 and nutri lean will = OMG get amazing RESULTS!!!

Goals for 2012

  •  Continue to eat well, exercise and keep my healthy lifestyle habits Matt has helped me with.
  • Join Forever & Matts team of weightloss coaches. Clean 9 is so amazing I want to help others be successful on it too.
  • To reach my target weight
  • Complete a 5k by spring
  • 10k by September
  • Do my sprint tri in June.
  • To lead the life of a healthy weight, be fit for life because I deserve it like we all do.


Now I feel emotionally balanced, happy, healthy, fit, confident, bubbly outgoing person which was how I used to be as a teenager before i piled on all the weight.

Shredding the pounds has shredded all the emotional baggage and depression being obese gave me.

I can now look forward to a healthy happy and fit future and I can’t thank Matt enough for believing in me to help me on my road to this future.


Wow!!! Thanks Anna for sharing with us your amazing story. Imagine having

Anna as your personal weightloss coach? Well come January YOU CAN!!!

Anna is joining my team of weightloss coaches!

I couldn’t think of anyone better to help others achieve what she has & share with others the knowledge she has gained through her journey.

If you’d like to be Annas first client simply drop us an email here [email protected]




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