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Three years ago I was training a

client and doing a simple demo of a dead lift.

My client is a strong guy, so I had packed
on the weight. What I hadn’t done (which as a personal
trainer is very naughty) is not warmed up!!!
Needless to say, I felt a very sharp pain in
my lower back. TWO years later it hadn’t gone.
In fact it had got a lot WORSE!!!
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Bad Posture and what to do about it


So did I do anything about it? Did I hell.
Like millions of others I just figured
It would sort itself out.
Then last year it got bad. Really bad.

Recommendation of Jonathon Simmonds

– Osteopath

Funny enough it was the client that I originally
injured myself with
who recommended me to see his Osteopath.
I figured anything would help, so I gave it a go.
I can honestly say its one of the best decisions
I have ever made.
I walked out of that first session like I had
walked out with a new body!!!
Jon explained to me that the injury had put
my spine completely out of alignment and that
for the last two years I had just been adjusting
to this new and un-natural alignment.
He also explained how, had I not gone
to visit him when I
did, my bones would start to de-generate
by the time I was 30!

Wake Up Call

That was a MASSIVE wake up call
and it made total sense.
The way I see it, our bodies are machines
and like any machine if their are parts that aren’t
aligned or some kind of malfunction
then eventually they will shut down!!!
I now make it my first protocol
to send clients who I suspect have alignment
issues or very tight muscles
to see Jon first and the testimonials I have received
regarding Jons work have been fantastic.

Jonathon Simmonds – Osteopath

In return for giving Jon’s services a recommendation
he has offered to write some educational articles around
the importance of good posture
that you may found rather interesting.
Here is Jon’s first post…..


Guest blog post by Jon Simmonds

Musculo-skeletal pain is often worse when a person

maintains a particular posture
which may be standing, sitting or lying.

Poor posture contributes to the likelihood of

developing such pain.



Posture is a dynamic process, not a static state.


The range of postures possible is variable

within the limits set by a persons’

structural anatomy.


However, the posture is psychologically driven,

based upon

a preconceived mental image.

Therefore it cannot be changed purely by stretching

and strengthening muscles and soft tissues.


Every person carries imperfections in their muscular-skeletal structure

(as within all systems within their genetic makeup).

The body will compensate for these in an efficient,

or inefficient way, which may be asymptomatic for many years.


As accumulated stresses build up, a breakdown

in compensation may occur due to

dysfunction, causing pain.


Even if the posture appears relatively balanced,

there may still be an abnormal posturing mechanism

secondary to dysfunction. This  may predispose further

strains in adjacent structures/tissues due to guarded

abnormal movement patterns.

Identification of dysfunction by postural assessment may also indicate

that there are areas distant to the local dysfunction

that may be of relevance.


If you would like a postural assessement

you can contact Jon via the details below.




Jonathan Simmonds ND. Bsc (hons) Ost           Registered Osteopath

Email:[email protected]                    Tel:01832 272817        



Thanks for that Article Jon! This article explains my experience to the letter!

My body had seriously adapted to a new (un-natural) posture. The pain eventually

caught up on me and I’m now so pleased I made the decision to visit Jon.


We’ll have more from Jon in the coming weeks.


Catch ya soon Guys!





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