Workout of the Week – Beach Body Abs!!!

Hey Guy’s!!!

It’s that time of year. Sun, Wimbledon, holiday’s, beaches and sun bathing – flat tummy time!!!

How do I get a flat stomach/Six Pack Ab’s? If only I had a pound for every client that had asked me that!!!

Well unfortunately unless you are gifted with fantastic genes the truth is that this is something you may have to work quite hard for!

I will however give you some guidelines…

Firstly you will need to follow the guidelines below on Body Fat Percentage.
Secondly you need to train HARD, so I’ve thrown in a WOTW (workout of the week) to have a go at the kind of workout’s you need to be doing 3-4 x p/w.

BF Guidelines:

Men: To make your entire six pack of abdominal muscles visible, you’ll need to get your body fat percentage down to somewhere below 11%. If you get it down below 8%, you’ll almost certainly have a clearly visible six pack.
Women: You need to get your body fat down to somewhere under 17%. 14% would be even better. These are higher numbers than the guys have to hit, but remember that you naturally have a higher body fat percentage, so your job is just as tough as for the guys.

The Six Pack Ab Workout

Description: The following workout is every thing a flat tummy workout should have…A mixture of ab/compound exercises plus of course those all important INTERVALS to burn away the FAT!!!
If you are unsure of any of the ab circuit exercises then just click this link as they are all on this vid.

Rower 1000m at a medium intensity (4-5min’s) OR X-Trainer 5 min’s

Ab Circuit #1:
Bench sit ups
Leg raises
V-Ups (on bench)

Cardio Intervals #1:
1 minute medium intensity 10 sec sprint (high resistance) / 50 sec easy ride (low resistance) x 3 rounds 1 minute easy ride 20 sec sprint (high resistance) / 40 sec easy ride (low resistance) x 3 rounds 2 minute easy ride Total time = 10 min’s
Ab Circuit #2:
Weighted cable crunches Swiss Ball Sit-Up’s Plank 1 minute medium intensity 30 sec sprint (high resistance) / 30 sec recovery (low resistance) x 3 rounds 1 minute easy (recovery) 1 min sprint  / 1 min recovery (low intensity) x 3 rounds 1 minute easy ride Cardio Intervals #2:

Rower OR Treadmill

1 minute medium intensity 30 sec sprint / 30 sec RECOVERY (low resistance) x 3 rounds 1 minute easy ride 1 min SPRINT/ 1 min RECOVERY (low resistance) x 3 rounds 1 minute easy ride Total time = 10 min’s
The Finisher:
Bodyweight/free weight circuit…
DB squat – bicep curl to shoulder press 2 x 15 reps. 45 seconds of burpees / step up’s (beginner option). 1 minute of crunches. Press ups to fatigue + drop set from knees to fatigue. Plank 2 mins.
Choose cardio, easy ish 5 min’s and a GOOD STRETCH!!!

Let me know how it goes!!!!!

Matt x

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