How to drop 3 dress sizes in 21 days

Hey Matt here,

Its been a while since my last blog post but as you’ll

see in todays post I’ve been busy helping people lose

a shed load of weight!!!

So did my subject heading catch your eye!?

Well the truth is this particular lady ACTUALLY dropped closer to

FOUR dress sizes in 21 days!!!!

BUT I know how sceptical people can be and I really want you to read this post.

Okay before I tell you how you can drop 3-4 clothes sizes in 21 days from anywhere in the world lets just back up a little…


A program that achieves these kinda results 

isn’t born overnight!!!

You see over the past 2 years I’ve been on a bit of an exploration.


On the 17th May 2010 I was diagnosed with an aggressive cancer.

I Remember the date well as it was my mothers birthday.

Not exactly the best news a Mum wants on her birthday but

hey S#IT happens!

Anyway I’m pleased to say I recently got the 18 months all clear!


Why am I sharing this?

This experience is what sent me on my EXPLORATION to better health and helping others also find optimal health. A question I get a lot is did cancer change me.

Well it definately has made me enjoy the smaller things in life

that we tend to take for granted.

I’m talking about really simple things like countryside,

blue sky, going for a walk, spending time with loved ones…

BUT the biggest affect it had on me was this…

It re-inforced my belief in the importance of healthy lifestyle.

Don’t get me wrong Cancer is crap and chemo aint a blast BUT I truly believe the whole experience would have been far harder had are not been in great shape already…after all how many people do you know with cancer that still run bootcamps!!! YES I DID!!

Through my illness and since my all clear I’ve been on a real mission to improve my learning on nutrition, fitness and better health.

I hired the UK’s no.1 Fatloss expert Paul Mort as well as Steve Jack a leading speaker on health and nutrition across the globe. Dax Moy, Alwyn Cosgrove,

AND Poliquin have also all been big influences.

And so last month I ran I experiment of a brand new program that was a culmination of everything I had found to work for better health and fatloss over the past 2 years.

Here it is…………..

A simple 21 Day program that tells people EXACTLY

  • What to eat,
  • When to eat it &
  • What exercises to do etc etc.

A BLUEPRINT for health in 21 days you could call it.


Well as you’ll see from just some of the testimonials below,

the results were phenominal.

I actually lost count of the total inchloss achieved

BUT at a guess it was well into the hundreds.

Here are Leanne broom & Adam lentons stories…

Leanne Broom


For many years I have constantly battled with my weight, ive tried slimfast   diet, weightwatchers and there pro points, stopped snacks, taken supposedly proven tablets such as decarb, lipobind, appesat acai berry macai berru chilli capisum and hoodia. All of which had very little input.
I fell pregnant in 2009 to which i was already classed as


obese and unfit. Due to which my pregnancy was awful and constantly in hospital finding i had developed choleostasis which was/would attack my son.
I gave birth i was learn i weighed 14st10lbs.
Further down the line i developed back problems being.admitted to hospital 3times thousands of consultants apps, MRI scans and CT scans. I had a prolasped spinal disc. I had to use wheelchairs if i went out, using two walking sticks around my home and could barely walk 100yrds without being in severe pain/numbness/incontinence.

I put on a futher 1st 5lbs making me 16st1lbs.

My consultant agreed with me that i should lose weight to help my prolapsed disc and reccomended a exercise on prescription (gym) to tone up and strengthen my muscles surrounding my spine to prevent any futher or future damage.

Year and a half later despite losing a stone on my own me and my partner decided we are going to try for another addition to the family. However i decided my health was an issue and should deal with that first.

Right thats my history and where i started before I saw a comment that April drake posted on matthew sutton wall, which lead me to matt looking for 5 guinea pigs to trial a new fitness programme claiming drop dress sizes in 21days!

I couldn’t and wouldnt believe it but it had me intrigued and replied saying I was up for it. (I would have done anything to lose weight). Matt wanted to know why we should be given a place to his programe so I sent an email on fb to him with my history and reasons why he should pick me.

Low and behold i found out a couple of days later that Matt had choosen his 5 and that april and myself had been chosen.
Woohoo great however I was sceptical.
Matt sent us all an email stating what we had to do.

Follow his diet plan and attend three FitCamp sessions a week. It was exciting!

The first bootcamp session I was extremely nervous but very quickly put to ease. My god the sessions are hard but they are extremely fun due to Matts approach, attitude and the sense of team work. The diet is easy to follow.

Good whole clean foods which didnt leave you hungry. Excluding wheat gluten dairy, caffiene & alcohol.
I started to really enjoy both the diet and sessions. Before I knew it I had lost 13.5lbs and an amazing 18.5inches from my body. Matts claim of losing dress sizes in 21days are true!

I started at a size 22/24 and im currently a size 14/16 and weigh 14st dead on.

My fitness levels have increased and my whole body is far more toned.
Both Matt and Steve are incredibly good at what they do. Incredibly supportive and the whole programme is very addictive and I have now signed up for 6 months on the Fit4Life Project.
If your thinking about joining then you will not be let down. Fun fast addictive and extremely enjoyable.
Thank you Matt and Steve for allowing me to do this. Unfortunately you are stuck with me for another 6months now 😀 thanks

Adam Lenton

I’ve just finished the 21 day rapid Fatloss Project and am very pleased with the results I have got in such a short time.  My fitness has improved, I have lost 91/2 pounds, and fat has dropped off from the places I have always struggled to lose weight.

The food program is great and has educated me to change the way I eat (even though i thought i was eating healthy before).  I don’t see it as a diet, more of a lifestyle change and re-education.

I have lost the weight on my face and have almost shook off the spare tyre around my waist.  My recovery after exercise has been very surprising, i have had very little aches after some fairly intensive training,  Thanks Matt & Steve for the training and advise – i will be continuing to stick to a healthier lifestyle…six pack is on its way (not the beer kind either).

So now you’re asking…



Tomorrow I am opening the doors to the next 21 day Rapid fatloss Program

which will start next Wednesday 30th May.

More importantly I’m going to offer a EARLY

BIRD SIGN UP OFFER to the first

12 people.

Then on Sunday night the price will rise by 30%!!!

So watch out for tomorrows blog post. The doors will open at 12 noon.

Can’t wait to get you started!!!

Matt 🙂



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