3 Simple Ways To Lose Weight Through Purposeful Action

And Avoid The Normal Pitfalls Of Goal-Setting

Yo-yo dieting isn’t a new frustration for people. Nor is it an uncommon one – with many dieters revealing to us they have spent most of their life on a diet. Last week I shared why using PURPOSE as your driving force for motivation is a crucial ingredient & can make a huge difference in finally put an end to failed diet attempts.

Here’s the post again, “How to make exercise compliance effortless”

Northamptonshire Personal Trainer

Northamptonshire Personal Training & Body Transformation Experts – LPT

Feedback from the post was good, however, I know taking a concept like, “living with purpose,” is one thing… using it is another!

So today I’m going to give you 3 simple ways to start applying purposeful transformation into your life. This is a pure action-based post that will leave you with strategies you can implement immediately TODAY.

Now there are TONNES of ways to live a more purposeful life. But at LPT we are in the business of supporting you towards a healthier & fitter life – so for now lets start with the big 3 – EXERCISE, DIET & RECOVERY.

  1. EXERCISING for purpose: For 90% of gym-goers, the purpose of their exercise efforts is purely a means to burn calories. This is a great example of how NOT to approach your exercise (unless you wish to carry on stop-starting your fitness efforts). Training purely for the calorific burn is like working all your life without spending a penny of your hard earned cash – there’s just no incentive. Instead, think hard about why achieving/maintaining a healthy weight is important to you or why you even need that calorific burn. For me personally, I train for mobility first, ALWAYS. The purpose? Simple, to grow old without back pain, tight muscles or movement restriction. To be able to keep up with my children and enjoy life. Secondly I train for health. Contrary to belief, lifting weights & performing cardio exercises like running aren’t things a particularly love to do. 10 years ago maybe but these days I can usually think of 101 other things I’d rather do. However, I know how important building a strong & mobile body is to overall health and without good health I simply cannot be the best husband, father or businessman possible. So on those days when the last thing I want to do is exercise, it’s these ^^ values & deeper meanings that create my purposeful action to get my lazy ass off to a training, stretching or a foam rolling session. AKA Using purpose is my motivator. How can you relate your training so it has a deeper meaning than just the calorie burn? Better movement. Maybe you have an event you would love to do? Or maybe you just want to be able to climb the stairs without puffing. Attach reason to your exercise efforts & compliance will be far far easier in the long run.
  2. DIET: Firstly lets get one thing clear. Eating healthy does NOT need to mean a life on chicken & broccoli. It really CAN be tasty too. And for the many hundreds of people who have gone through our transformation programs, many rarely ever go back to eating junk food. Now we’ve got that out of the way, lets talk about eating for purpose. I DO believe one of the biggest mistakes people make with their food choices & diet attempts is eating for comfort NOT purpose. The difference is out-come based eating (purposeful eating) has an end result. It has meaning. It is mindful, not mindless. For example; Eating a protein dense food with a complex carb after a heavy weights session would be a good outcome-based food choice because the body requires these two macronutrients to nourish & rebuild your muscles after being broken down. When you start to view food as a fuel (much like the how you treat the diesel you put into your car), THEN  that you can start being more purposeful about your food choices. So the message here, is to remember next time you’re creating your healthy eating meal plan, ask yourself WHY these foods are on your list. What purpose do they have. (If your not sure where the value of certain foods lie then I suggest being educated quick in this area. We can certainly help. Our 6 week transformation program was designed to educate people as well as motivate and coach. Click here to find out more)
  3. RECOVERY: Purposeful rest you ask? Yes really. In case your not aware, your body does NOT transform when you are lifting weights. Nor does it get fitter whilst on your on that run. Nope, your body only reaps the rewards from training when you’re doing jack-all – With SLEEP being one of the key components of rest. And so it makes logical sense (hopefully) that the better quality sleep/rest you have, the better results you’ll get. So if your hitting the deck at night as a means to purely crash after a long day, rather than following a sleep routine that allows you to get into the deepest sleep possible, then their is a good chance you’re not reaping the rewards great sleep offers. Personally, I take my sleep seriously! Now with a 2 year old it doesn’t always go to plan HOWEVER I still do what I can to create the best recovery possible for my body with a good night sleep- avoiding blue light an hour before bed, wearing an eye-mask to block out any light, ear-buds to keep noise down and sleep spray are just a few of my strategies for sleeping like a baby. We have whole training that covers sleep on our 6 week program that goes into much more detail. But if you take anything from this section it’s too take your recovery as serious as your training. If your training hard you should be stretching & mobilising hard! If you working hard and have high mental stress you should be using deep breathing or mindfulness practices to give your brain a chance to reset too.

There you go. Some simple strategies and new ways of thinking about how you approach the big THREE  of Diet, exercise & recovery.

As always I recommend simplicity when choosing what purposeful action you may start with today. Choose just ONE thing you can start being more purposeful about today.

As always our team of coaches at LPT are hear to help.

And our 6 week transformation program is a great place to start!

We are currently closed for applications but if you wish to be on the reserve list then please click the link above for more details on how to jump on.

Matt Sutton

Team LPT

Body Transformation Expert

Founder at LPT







Our Members Told Us They Had Tried Everything To Lose Weight. Then They Tried THIS






How To Make Diet & Exercise Compliance Effortless So You Finally See Results

It's Easier Than You Thought

Compliance. It’s the one thing EVERYONE struggles with, from olympic athlete to your average Joe wanting to lose 10Ibs in weight. However, from working with thousands of people over the last 10 years I have noticed one trend that rarely fails.

They all make use of the most powerful fuel of them all – PURPOSE.

In this new post I want to share why playing the long game & choosing what I call a PURPOSEFUL TRANSFORMATION will put a stop to all frustrations of compliance once and for all.

Northampton Gym

You see for years people have been telling me;

“I want to lose weight”

“I want to get fit”.

“I want more confidence”.

“I want less stress in my life”.

“I want a better job”.

My question is, “Do you really WANT all these things OR do you just “think” you should want them?

Unfortunately most people define success by a celebrity they follow, a movie they watched or what their friends are doing.

And yes I get it. It’s easy to get drawn into “wanting” something coz, well others have it. Its easy because it’s the social norm and anything else feels like you’re less of a person if you’re not keeping up with the Jones’s.

But here’s something I want you to remember. Maybe even write this down as a reminder…

You will never know if your are successful in any endeavour unless you have already defined what success means to you.

If your a consumer of mass media – newspapers, magazines, social media & T.V (basically 99% of the world!), then you will likely have been sold ideas based on social norms.

And by the way it’s not just mass media we must think carefully about before reading into. Just the other day I was shocked when a new client told me how their Doctor diagnosed them with type 2 diabetes. The Doctor then went on to say how it wasn’t something to be too concerned with as most people have it these days.

No mention of nutrition recommendations of which could completely reverse the disease. Instead, just a statement based on a new social norm, which is that because obesity & type 2 diabetes is so common (& has become the “norm”) it makes it less of a problem. Scary!

But here’s the real problem…

We believe what we’re told.

If you spend enough time being exposed to the wants or ideas of others they will soon become your own beliefs.

I urge everyone to start taking responsibility for themselves and if you do believe you are easily influenced by others rather than being true to yourself, here’s my suggestion..

Learn to practice the art of WANTING what you actually “NEED”

Personal development has changed my life and is a key reason why I include trainings on it in our 6 week program. You see once you understand what YOUR needs are, what makes YOU tick and truly happy. THEN you can focus on the actions to start living the stress-free, fulfilling life you always dreamed of. Only then can you quit looking over your shoulder to see what others are doing and instead be 100% focused on YOU. On SELF.

You see, “Needing” is a necessity. Wanting isn’t.

You NEED water & oxygen to stay alive.

You don’t NEED a new car or to drop a dress.

Needing is fuelled by a deep burning desire to pursue YOUR purpose.

In the case of water & oxygen the purpose is to stay alive.

But survival doesn’t have to be your only need.

What about fulfilment & living out your life goals, hopes & dreams?

What about becoming the ultimate version & vision of yourself?

What legacy will you leave?

What will you be remembered for?

When you get clear on what your purpose is & what’s important to you, the goals you set require far LESS will-power and far more purpose & meaning.

Meaningful goals are far easier to stick to because they have an in-built driver (intrinsic motivation) that trumps will-power every day of the week.

Saying that you don’t have the motivation or will power to exercise or eat healthy is like saying you can’t be arsed to get out of bed today. It has nothing to do with motivation or will-power- that’s just another way of saying I haven’t decided on the purpose of getting up today or exercising.

At an extreme level, people with depression fall into this spiral of lacking purpose whilst people with abundance in their life know exactly what path they are on & why.

When acting on meaning & purpose there’ll be times when you’re not even sure how it will all work out but the deep burning desire will get you there, somehow.

I call this Purposeful transformation.

Of course there’s nothing I love more than hearing testimonials of our clients losing 1-2 stone in 6 weeks, dropping clothes sizes & boosting energy BUT what I love way more than these results is hearing the impact that weight loss & improved energy levels have on peoples lives.

Lifestyle Transformation is the aim of the game NOT just weight loss for the sake of seeing the scales change.

It’s my mission with Lifestyle Performance Transformations to spread the message of choosing Purposeful Transformation (what you need) over quick-fix fads, ideas, dreams you think you want.

Your Challenge

I challenge you to identify your passion(s) & purpose in EVERY area of your life & use it as YOUR driving force to achieve all your goals of health, wellness, fitness & lifestyle.

So if you’re a mother – why not be the BEST mother you can be for your child by having the energy & health required to be that role-model?

If you’re a grandparent, why not be the BEST grandparent you can be by being fit enough to play ball.

If you’re a business person why not build the most IMPACTFUL business possible to add value to the lives of others and leave a legacy you will be remember for.

Whatever YOU’RE truly passionate about, use that passion to drive every other aspect of your life further forward.

Seriously, what’s stopping you?


The process?

Knowing where to start?

Or maybe (the most common barrier of all)..having the courage to STOP acting upon the purpose of others. I’ve struggled with this myself but I can assure you – the most fun, exciting, inspiring journey you could ever dream of, will only ever be the one YOU create on YOUR terms.

Here’s my breakdown for creating YOUR own Purposeful Transformation?

  1. Start by finding purpose in your goals – For example, losing weight for a wedding or for the beach is an okay short term goal but it’s certainly not going to transform your life. Dig deep and ask yourself why losing weight & feeling great is important to you.
  2. Fuel a plan – Using this stronger why, set out a plan with the end in mind and then reverse engineer all the steps required in order to get there.
  3. Enjoy the journey – Too many people focus on the end goal only but a purposeful transformation should be one that you enjoy every step of the way. If your goal is to lose weight & you are following an highly restrictive diet of foods you don’t enjoy then this will certainly not lead to transformation.


Click here to learn how we are helping people in Northampton get in incredible shape using our holistic T.C.P approach to Transformation.

Coach Sutton,

Body Transformation Expert

Body Transformation Expert





Small Changes. Big Habits

By Jamie Houghton, Head Coach at Lifestyle Performance Transformations NCC

One of the reasons people fail to achieve their weight loss goals is because they change too much…tooooo soon. You would have heard this back at the start of January…
“I’m going to actually use my gym membership, eat healthy & stop drinking alcohol!”
Two weeks go by and you get on ok, drop a pound or two but it’s not long before the first glass of wine creeps in, the first square of chocolate comes back…?
Sound Familiar?
Too many lifestyle changes at once leave us more likely to give up as quickly as we started….FACT
I’ve seen it for myself just these past two weeks. So start small.

Focus on JUST ONE thing and nail that first,

..THEN move onto your next habit.

Ok, you might not drop weight as fast as your friend in those first 2 weeks

…BUT in the long run YOU will succeed

Here are 3 simple habits to get you started:

Week 1: Start by drinking more water. 2-3 litres daily is a great start.

You’ll eat less as a results & feel more energised.

Week 2: Eat only clean food – easier than it sounds. Just don’t eat anything that comes out of a packet & has a list of a million ingredients.

Week 3: Eat a source of protein, healthy fats and non-starchy carbs (veggies) with EVERY meal.
That’s it!
3 weeks of new habits for you to work on ONE at a time. Stick to them for the 3 weeks and just wait for the lbs to drop off! Make these new habits and the weight loss will be a side effect you don’t even have to think about!
LPT’s 6 week transformations programs go neck deep into HOW exactly to stick with these habits consistently & effectively. The good news is next week we are opening the doors for our next intake.
After the final results of our current groups come in we are expecting a BIG surge of people wanting to jump on.

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Head Coach
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Transform Fitness Retreat – The Back Story (My BIG “C” Experience)

Until now I just haven’t plucked up the courage to talk about my Cancer experience. Needless to say I’ve put off writing this post for a LONG time. Always managed to find an excuse.

Then after some thought, I realised just how selfish I was being. I figured, if people are willing to take a whole week off work, away from family & friends. Attend a program where they know no-one. The very least I could do, is share the part of my own life thats had the most profound effect on making Transform the life-changing experience its turned out to be.

So here goes..(It’s a little deep so hold tight!)

Transform Fitness Retreat Portugal

Transform: The Back Story (THE BIG “C”)

Like most stories, it started with a struggle. A BIG struggle. Aged 27, on my Mums Birthday, I was diagnosed with an aggressive Cancer. I remember that day like it was yesterday.

Everyone around me was completely shocked as I was one of those annoying super fit fitness freaks. It’s common misconception that fitness alone is like kryptonite to Cancer.

Unfortunately not. But one thing I did learn from my experience is we are all given a set of cards in life & how well we play them is the difference between living a life with purpose & fulfilment …and ..well… NOT!

Now I won’t go into the intrincities of my illness but in this post I’d like to share the valuable lessons that have shaped

…the way I live

…the way I work 

…the way I (now) approach life and

the way I seek to help others, create a life of freedom, purpose & fulfilment.

FREEDOM. PURPOSE & FULFILMENT. These are 3 values I live by.


Talking about values…

“Instant Change in Values” mattnimmy

The BIG “C” was one of the most frightening, frustrating, calming, upsetting BUT (strangely) soul searching experiences of my life.

Suddenly all the cliches your hear become realities. For instance, my values changed overnight. What I’d considered important became irrelevant.

Everything I owned (materialistic wise) became un-important. Instead, I was consumed by blue sky’s, the lush greenery of countryside, the sound of birds tweeting, the beauty of good music.

Above all…the HUGE importance of love, family & purpose.


Deep stuff right?

Not really.

It’s just way too easy to get caught up with “keeping up with the jones’s”.

“Stuff” has replaced sitting at the table for a family meal.  Talking. Playing games. Creativity AND authenticity.

Instead we choose 

…Working longer hours.

…Trying to earn more money.

…Buying all the latest gadgets.

…Having more things

…Looking over our shoulder.“What car is he driving now”?

And all that B.S.

Now this wasn’t any kind of epiphany. Depressed businessman sitting under trouble thought boxes

It just became obvious, what really mattered. And guess what.. it DIDN’T include any of the little things we normally get stressed about.

Like the traffic jams, disagreements with colleagues at work, failed MOT or tax bill. Instead..



These ^^^^^ mattered WAY more.

Now I gotta tell you. When this happens you start gaining an ENORMOUS sense of clarity.

Anyone reading this who’s been through the same experience will know what I mean.

Now I won’t lie to you. I still get caught up with “keeping up with the jones’s” stuff myself. I’m only human!

Thankfully  my BIG C experience has a way of snapping me back to reality.


Interestingly the whole experience didn’t just change me. It changed my wife too.

She worked in the corporate world of high demand, sales targets, constant pressures & DEADLINES.

HIGH STRESS was just normal. Vino was her saviour back then! Sound familiar?


“Competing In A World Of WANTS over NEEDS”

After beating Cancer, I noticed how many others people were in the same boat.

Caught up in this rat race we call life.

Competing in a world of WANTS OVER NEEDS.

It’s human nature of course to want more. But one thing Cancer taught me was just how insanely fake & mis-guided MORE was. LESS but better is something I’ve come to accept as being a far better pursuit, for health, fulfilment & happiness.

LESS but BETTER. I wrote it twice… coz it’s THAT important.


This new found clarity made me approach my work as a personal trainer HUGELY differently. Firstly I discovered that what most of us WANT is rarely what we NEED.

You see most people WANT exercise because they think its the answer to their problems.

When actually, all they NEED is to eat healthier foods.

Then they’re are others who think they SHOULD be eating healthier… when actually all they NEED to do is plan their time better ( in order to cook these healthy meals).

I also meet lots of people who think healthy eating is too expensive…when actually they just NEED to stop wasting money from other areas of life.

Lastly I must include the, “I haven’t got the time” crowd… Who actually have easily enough time.

…What they NEED is to re-align themselves with what is TRULY important to them.

The BIG C experience helped me & my wife align ourselves with our own priorities.

My wife stayed in her job role for a number of years post Cancer. Interestingly, she did it with far lower stress levels. Yep, even though her job stayed the same her approach to it changed beyond recognition.

The Power Of Perspective 10325403_834003073350525_6857366018854315826_n

One of the most IMPORTANT things I teach on Transform, is how our perspectives & beliefs shape our
emotions…and therefore our actions.

When I run my workshops, its becomes clear to our transformers pretty quickly, that their lack of results to date,

have very little to do with the exercise/diet plan they chose and EVERYTHING to do with the beliefs & perceptions they hold.

The awesome news is you  CAN CHANGE YOUR PERCEPTION & BELIEFS. My wife is proof of that!

I have created a UNIQUE framework to help people do just this.

Obviously you’ll have to join us in beautiful Portugal on our next trip to go through it yourself BUT you can start the process today with just a couple of simple questions:

Ask yourself, which parts of your own life are pulling you down from your ideal self?

What stresses are serving you ZERO value in moving forward?

When we’re so busy juggling 10 balls at once, its no wonder our decision making suffers. We can be so hard on ourselves even if we drop just one ball. Whether its not hitting your end of quarter sales or dropping the ball on your diet.

The Thing is NEVER The Thing

I’ve mentioned this already. But in case you didn’t pick it up, I have one last KEY take-away for you.

The thing is NEVER the thing.

Like most Personal Trainers (Pre-Cancer), I’d fallen into the trap of always giving people what they wanted (exercise)…When in fact what they NEEDED was something COMPLETELY different.

My last 18 months work on the neuroscience of change has been a revelation in understanding EXACTLY how to find the root cause of a persons barriers to success.

A Strategy For Implementation

Discovering why we do the things we do fascinates me.

Why do we eat naughty foods when we know damn well they’ll just make us fatter!

Why we stay in jobs we hate?

Why we stay in relationships that make us unhappy?

Why we follow the same exercise plan even though our body shape never changes?

I created Transform because I could see a need for this information. You don’t need more recipes. You can go to google & find 10 million.

You don’t need more exercise’s. Go to YOUTUBE & you’ll be hit with even more.

What people REALLY need is a clear strategy for implementation.


I Created Transform to Give People the Opportunity to Work these Complexities Out & Create the Perfect Strategy for LONG-TERM Success


I’m not suggesting you’ll leave Portugal a Transformed person. I can however, guarantee you’ll leave with the CLARITY, CONFIDENCE & CAPABILITY to do so in the not so distant future.

Getting to do it in the company of other positive people in our 5 star resort is just a bonus!

If you got this far, thank you.

My ONE goal in writing this post, is for people to understand why Transform ISN’T just another bootcamp/retreat abroad.

Instead, its a program I regard as my legacy. Everyday I’m thankful for being alive. Everyday I’m thankful to be able to pursue my mission of helping others like YOU also, live a life of FREEDOM…ABUNDANCE… & FULFILMENT.

YES we provide personal training on transform.

YES you get all your meals cooked.

YES you get massage treatments.

(BUT you can get these at most fitness holidays).

The REAL value on Transform, is in the Personalised-Success-BLUEPRINT you leave with to continue your healthy journey long-term so you no longer need to agonise over restrictive eating or wasting hours in the gym with un-effective exercise.

…If you’re plain fed up of jumping from one fad diet to the next.

…Overwhelmed by the vast amount of information telling you opposite things.

…In need of a coach who’s dedicated his life to enriching the life of others & highly passionate about doing it. Then trust me. 

Transform is JUST what you’ve been looking for.    



BOOK YOUR SPOT TODAY! (Only 10 spots available)          

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How To Quit Playing Diet Roulette

Do you find yourself trying diet after diet without seeing long-term change? Do you get consumed by T.V shows touting the latest dietary recommendations? Are you guilty of going to the gym every day, then not going for MONTHS!? Are you easily consumed by what your friends & family do or say in regards to food & diet?

Guess what… YOU ARE NOT ALONE.


Diet Roulette

In todays EPIC post I share:

– Why diet roulette is making us fat, miserable & frustrated

– Why your outlook is EVERTHING & can help you enjoy IMMEDIATE positive change

– Why thinking long-term is ESSENTIAL to making the right decisions NOW

– Lessons we can learn from how we manage our money that can actually improve our health

– 10 HEALTH investments that don’t include exercise or diet


Serious question…

Would you risk all you have, all your assets, all your savings, your car etc etc

…and throw it all on the roulette wheel in the hope you’ll double your money?

I bloody hope not!

That’d be damn right crazy right?

Yet this is EXACTLY the approach the majority of people are taking to lose weight & get fit.

…I call it Diet Roulette.

And I’ve met thousands of people playing this game over the past 10 years.


(Or in this case, the slimming clubs/food manufacturers)


How Do They Win?

Well, just like the casino’s of the world they hold an advantage.

An advantage worth billions of pounds, (so its a kinda secret) but I’ll let you in on it…

See they know something most people don’t.

They know that regardless of how good/bad the diet is that they’re selling, providing it works short-term they are on to a winner

(by the way ALL calorie restrictive diets work short-term. Even the mars bar diet!)

The genius of this ^^^ is the person doing the diet will always blame themselves when they pile the weight back on rather than the diet. This in-turn makes them repeat the diet again & they end up going round in circles!

Its EXACTLY the same psychology as a gambling addict. They win big once & so are convinced they’ll win big again.

That’s not all.

Diet clubs & food manufacturers have an EXTRA edge.

The alibi of variables.

You see they’re so many variables to losing weight, that when someone isn’t getting results, its easy as pie for the slimming consultant to blame everything else in someones life as the culprit – other than the diet itself.

This was all summed up recently for me when a lady told me how weight watchers works really well for her.

I asked her why then had she had approached me for help.

Her reply,“I’ve done it 6 time now but I can’t stick to it”.

I was lost for words.

She really believed after SIX attempts at a diet she couldn’t stick to that it worked. Worse STILL, she believed SHE was the failure.

This made me a little angry but more sad.

Sad at the thought of just how many other people must be going through the same thing – a belief system of failure, when in fact its the very people she believed were helping her that are blinding her from the real truth.

Believe it or not this post is NOT  intended to blast other diets. (I’ll leave that for another day).

This post is to simply outline an observation.. that the current throw it-all-on-black-model I call diet roulette, is FAILING us miserably.

Last week I heard a stat that sums up just how grim the picture is for the future, unless we do start taking a different approach.


“In the next 10 years, if we carry on as we are, two thirds of the worlds population will be over-weight or obese”.


So what’s the Answer?

Well lets flip back to my original question. Would you risk all your financial assets on black?

We already established you wouldn’t.

Coz your smart.

Instead I imagine you spread your hard earned cash over various pots.

Get the best interest rate.

Tax free ISA’s?

Brick mortar?


Holiday/family funds?

Maybe even have investments?

The point is to highlight that we are willing to take a far more strategic
approach to our wealth than our health. When it comes to finances people really think things through, think of the long-term AND do their research.

The Financial Lesson?

If we started using this methodology into our health I believe we’d be in a far happier, healthier & more successful place.

Rather than taking the shot-gun approach of investing our time & efforts in just two pots – (exercise & diet), maybe it’s time we started thinking more laterally & asking bigger questions.

Here are 10 areas of investment I recommend to look at:

  1. Stress – Managing your stress before anything else will change your life. My advice is eliminate the unnecessary. Focus on the essential and if the essential DOESN’T include checking facebook, your email or watching your favourite t.v program then go back to evaluating what is important to you.
  2. Sleep – Lack of sleep will mess your hormones up, reduce you to sugar & caffeine cravings and make it terribly hard to focus. Investing time improving your quality of sleep will pay HUGE dividends.
  3. Fulfillment – At the root of happiness is fulfillment, growth & satisfaction. What are you doing today to grow? What have you done this year to become the person you are most proud of?
  4. Knowledge – Read, study, listen to audio-books, talk to people you can learn from. Be curious. Don’t follow the herd, instead look outside the box.
  5. Mental Health – Ability to deal with trauma. Overcome limiting beliefs. Create new & better habits.
  6. Toxification – Will live in a pretty toxic world. Much of which IS still unavoidable. Eat organic, breathe fresh air.
  7. Finance – We covered this one already!
  8. Planning/Time management – If you can’t make time to go shopping, or cook then the new diet plan you watched on T.V is irrelevant.
  9. Relationships – Happy couples are proven to live longer. Getting support from a partner is also a major importance from my experience. You MUST get the family on board when making an effort for healthy living.
  10. Recovery – How often do you take breaks at work? Working non-stop somehow has become a badge of honour, yet the research clearly shows that NOT taking regular breaks leads to poor performance overall.


My advice is look at this list above carefully & decide for yourself which investment in time/money will give you the biggest bang for your buck.

Which one will give you the greatest ROI?


What Investments In Your Health Will You Start Making?

A few weeks ago I asked which areas of your life you felt you needed to pay most attention too. I had lots of replies but I’d like more.

So if you haven’t filled in the form yet I’d love to know.

Click here to tell me==> How Can I Help You


PS. Want to learn how to quit dieting forever & join a program with PROVEN results & that ISN’T based on counting calories & drinking shakes for breakfast, lunch & dinner,

You can apply to get a whole weeks coaching from me for just £10-00 when you click & complete the form below

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Coach Sutton