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What Is it?

Hey everyone! You’ve obviously clicked on this weeks masterclass because you want to know more information about our 6 week programme!

What is it all about and how it can benefit me?

Where and when is it?

How many training sessions do I get a week?

How do we approach our members holistically?

What’s the T.C.P method and how is it used for the 6 week programme?

Is there different types of training and ability classes?

How is the programme is going to be delivered?

Will I learn about nutrition?

These are just some of our most frequently asked question regarding our 6 week programme. So watch the video to find out more or alternatively if you think we missed anything, don’t be scared to drop us a message on Facebook! Visit our website to sign up at

Our 6 Week Transformation Program…check this out ?

Posted by Lifestyle Performance Transformations – Northampton NCC on Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Want to access a DONE-FOR-YOU exercise/nutrition program designed to accelerate your fat loss?

Great, check out our new ONLINE portal – LPT Academy where you can access our 6 week progressive training programs AND our weekly micro-workouts (8-12 minute workouts) which all use the same principles that are covered in this masterclass.

Click the link below for more details:


Founder Matt Sutton

PS. You can join LPT Academy 100% FREE for 7 days before deciding whether this is for you or not.

In that time you’ll get access to our most recent 6 week transformation training program that you can do from the gym or even at home.

You’ll also access our course, “How to build your Foundations”. This course is ESSENTIAL for getting complete clarity over why your fitness & health goals are important to your AND how to make them a reality using a simple daily compliance tracker system.

How Do You Want 2017 To End? | Personal Training With LPT Northants

...And What Will It Mean To You?

Whatever you’re doing, wherever you are, just stop and take 30 seconds to just think…How do you want to end 2017? That’s the question all our 100 sprint challengers will be answering this week. Its this question people too quickly over-look. Instead of getting clear on their ideal end outcome, they choose the easy route and pluck any old goal out from fresh air.

I can only liken this to popping into the travel agents and choosing a destination at random from one of those magazines they shelve.

You just wouldn’t do it would you!?

When choosing a holiday there are so many variables to consider..




..Is it family friendly? (in my case)

..How long is the flight?

..What’s the cost? etc etc

Once you’ve decided on all these criteria

THEN you can start to plan your journey.

However when it comes to arriving at a weight loss destination people too often miss this “setting the criteria” part out.


It’s called sharpening the sword.

The clearer the vision you have of the future you would like to create, the more confidence & belief you’ll have in actually achieving that vision.

I can’t wait to get everyone started.

We already have a small group of people raring to go but we do have spaces for a few more to take this opportunity.

Before I remind you of what’s included I must be clear about the training aspect.

We provide you with training programs, follow along workouts, exercise demonstrations and even typical exercise mistakes.

However the 100 day sprint DOES NOT include live training with us, although we do have a few people who have opted to pay extra for that option.

The 100 day sprint is ideal for anyone who feels they need the following help to reach their 2017 goals:


…A monthly downloadable training program suitable for a busy person who can only spare 10-30 minutes p/session training at home or at their gym.

…Video demonstrations of all exercises so you know you are doing it right

…The opportunity to ask our team questions about tweaking your training even more to suit your individual goals


..Weekly clean eating healthy recipes that are simple to make & have simple clear instructions to cook.

…The opportunity to have your food diary critiqued live PLUS ask your most pressing questions around food & diet.

Personal Development

…All 100 day sprint challengers will also get access to 5 self-upgrade model trainings, ideal for anyone who struggles with self-discipline or self-sabotaging tendencies.

These trainings uncover all you need to know about the behaviours that are NOT currently serving you (Like emotional eating and self-sabotaging behaviours)

We’ll also be running a monthly LIVE MASTERCLASS where we go deep on one particular topic


If even one of these offerings speaks to your needs you can join the 100 day sprint challenge by choosing your price point option (below).


The Investment?

YOU decide what a 100 day program that includes ALL of the above is worth to you/what you can afford right now.

… £275? 





OR …£15-00?

100% no judgement. You pay what YOU feel is right for you.


If you’re not already thinking this is an absolute no-brainer check this out…

For the first 50% of challengers who sign up (15 people) I’m throwing in a FREE Turbo Success Call where we’ll map out what YOU NEED TO DO TO ACHIEVE YOUR DESIRED RESULTS.

This call alone is worth £45 but remember YOU decide what its worth to you.

Thats based on your budget & the ultimate outcome.

Be quick though!

Have a good day!

PS. Doors close to the 100 day challenge on midnight Sunday.

PPS. You’ll also access our course, “How to build your Foundations”. This course is ESSENTIAL for getting complete clarity over why your fitness & health goals are important to your AND how to make them a reality using a simple daily compliance tracker system




















Pete’s Transformation Story

Discover how Pete has lost 12kg, got lean and completely changed his life

“The sense of achievement you feel when you’ve been working hard and the results reflect that are brilliant!”

That’s what Pete told me when I was talking to him about his results following our 6 week MANSformation challenge.

Pete has been kind enough to share his FULL story below…


About Pete first..

“I’ve been married 24 years this year, I have just turned 48 and am a proud father of two grown up kids. I’m self employed running my garden maintenance business & been going 10 years, very busy at this time of the year through to November. 

“Before I started I was trying to find reasons why NOT to do it.”

Sound familiar?

“The typical excuses…getting up early etc etc. but I soon realised that I wasn’t going to improve my fitness by sitting back and doing nothingAfter all it hasn’t worked so far!”

I spoke to Pete on the phone after he completed our MANSformation application form and I could tell he wanted to change, lose weight and get fitter but has always managed to find an excuse. It’s too easy to keep doing what you’ve always done….right?

“After my first session with Jamie, Matt and Noah, I realised how unfit I was but also realised how friendly and supportive everyone was too. Waiting in the reception area was more daunting, not knowing what to expect but after the session got under way I started to relax”

Being able to jump over that first hurdle of ‘fear of joining a new group or starting something completely different’ is the possibly the hardest thing.

Your mindset is the enemy here. It’s what got you where you are today.

Mindset is purely ‘A set of assumptions and beliefs that are so powerful that your behaviour conforms to them’

Which means you probably believe that if you eat less and move more you’ll lose weight…

^^ More on that another day

This is something we personally coach our members on – changing your mindset that has let you down so many times in the past.

Anyway, back to Pete…

I asked Pete what he learnt about our exercise coaching…

“The biggest thing I have learnt about exercise is that its better to do a little than none at all. The sense of achievement you feel when you’ve been working hard and the results reflect that are brilliant! Also because the exercises can be adjusted to your own ability I never felt like I was trying to keep up with the “fitter” people.”

And about our nutrition coaching…

“With the nutrition coaching I got from Jamie and Matt’s workshop I soon realised what I was eating was completely rubbish (I thought it was healthy!) I quickly learnt how simple it is to eat good proper food and how enjoyable it is to prepare and eat fresh food.”

“To be honest i have enjoyed the whole experience of the last 6 weeks, the support and encouragement from the coaches, Jame, Matt and Noah and the other members in the class.

I learnt how easy it is to make small changes that have big results. I also realised the results you can achieve if you put your heart and soul into it are amazing. When I talked about the MANSformation challenge people told me that I could just join a gym…yes I could but i wouldn’t get the support and encouragement that I have benefitted from being with LPT and I certainly wouldn’t be going to the gym three times a week!

Pete before and afterThe past 6 weeks has been life changing…honestly!!

In just 6 weeks I lost 7kg and 32cm and completely changed my body shape

Thanks Matt, Jamie and Noah!”

Pete has continued to train with LPT in Northampton and continues to get amazing results, check out his progress so far >>>

Want results like Pete?

Applications are now open for our next “MANSformation Challenge” starting 27th February.

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Christine’s Body Transformation Story

How she QUIT dieting for good and lost TWO stone!

Christine Morgan joined LPT in January 2016 and has been on an incredible journey ever since, achieving results she never thought possible. We wanted to share her story to inspire the hundreds of people who have shared similar frustrations with yo-yo dieting and only ever seeing short-term results.

Here is her story in her words…

Every year I’d make a New Year resolution to lose weight…I’d say to myself ‘This year I am determined. This year I will do it, I will achieve the goal.’ Unfortunately even after trying everything (Dieting, exercising and even will power) I would never see the results.

I went to Weight Watchers, Rosemary Connolly and Slimming World…all the healthy eating and fad diets. I even tried praying! The trouble I found with these clubs is that I would hit my target weight, feel like I didn’t need to diet anymore….AND then I put all the weight back on again!

The thought of being on a diet for the rest of my life made me feel sick. TheChristinen I gave up.

I decided maybe I was supposed to be this weight and so I wouldn’t worry about it anymore.

Except I did worry about it…

I hated my body and wouldn’t even have my photo taken.

I was already so unfit, I was losing fitness and getting fatter!

I thought I had sussed it though.

To avoid putting more weight on I would have only one meal a day! A small one & then not eat anything else for the rest of the day. Trouble was I was I’d be starving! So if anyone offered me a cake at work, I’d have two!

I got to the point where it was difficult to walk far – because I got so out of breath. I wouldn’t get down on the floor with my granddaughters – because getting back up again was both difficult and embarrassing!

Fast forward to January 2016, I saw an advert for LPT on Facebook. I read the article and clicked on the link. I had some money for Christmas and decided I was going for it. Before I knew it I completed the application form and pressed send!

A few days later I had a phone call from one of the coaches, who wanted to find out more about me. We went through the programme and how it worked. After that I’d done it! I’d joined LPT and taken the “Stone in 6 Challenge”.

Now, if I am absolutely honest I really wasn’t sure that I would lose any weight but I was desperate…I really wanted that transformation I was promised.

535044_204591373219021_1669218569527090610_nSo I went along to the induction on the Saturday morning, expecting to see lots of fit people all wearing designer Lycra and expecting to be completely intimidated. I met Jamie and Matt and there were lots of people there – of different sizes, different fitness levels and no designer Lycra! And Matt talked sense!

He talked about his programme and how I would gain flexibility, stability and strength – well I didn’t have any of those (and never had) so I thought that sounded good.

I was really nervous about the first training session. I felt so unfit, and I was worried about having to compete with others in the group. Well, it turns out I didn’t need to be nervous. At the LPT training sessions I compete against myself and the results I write down on my own program card.

As part of the programme we had to set a goal with a ‘reward’ if we achieved it and a ‘punishment’ for if we didn’t . Well, I set my goal, but couldn’t bring myself to set myself the challenge of losing a stone, so I set it for half a stone. And I did that…Then 10, 12 and 14 pounds – By the end of the 6 weeks I’d lost a stone! Not only that, but I won the Northampton Stone in Six Award – me! I won it!

13220986_10156877848970471_2907141739249593959_nWe have a lot of fun in the workouts, I’ve made some good friends. Now I actually look forward to training. Getting up early in the morning is no longer a chore…and I actually feel worse during the day if I ever miss a session. I love the atmosphere and the camaraderie

People began to notice, and to make positive comments. My husband was so impressed that he encouraged me to continue with the training – he’s a great supporter. Twelve months later and I’ve lost just over two stone.

I feel fitter and healthier than I have ever done – ever in my life! Yesterday a colleague called me her inspiration! I feel fitter, more flexible, stronger and have much more mobility and core strength…(I didn’t even know what that was until I tried to stand on one leg)!

When it comes to food, I no longer feel like I’m on a diet.

When I go out with friends I don’t feel restrictive and I enjoy whatever I fancy on the menu.

I now know that I have to eat for my goal and my own body type, not just follow a meal plan that follows a “one size fits all” approach.

My goal for 2017 is to lose another 2 stone this year. I want to take part in a fitness event (an LPT one of course) and I want to feel even more healthy, fit , stronger and confident than I do now. And I will never set another New Year resolution to lose weight! I am transformed!”

Want results like Christine?

Applications are now open for our next, “A stone in 6 Challenge”.

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Discover the 6 week body transformation training in Northampton

Discover the 6 week body transformation training in Northampton

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How Christine lost 15lbs & 28cm in 6 weeks

By Jamie Houghton, Head Coach at Lifestyle Performance Transformations NCC

Christine Morgan was the recent & first ever winner of LPT’s “A Stone in 6” Transformation Challenge, at our brand new facility in Northampton. Christine was dubious before starting as she had tried LOTS of diets & fitness fads before BUT the T.C.P method certainly worked for her

Total loss = 11 inches

Weight loss = 15lbs

We caught up with Christine to find out why this program worked, what she learnt, what she enjoyed most and much more.

Did you have any fears before starting the program?

Yes, absolutely!  As a very unfit person I was very nervous about ‘showing myself up’, not being able to keep up or compete on the same level as everyone else.  I always feel intimidated in the gym or at fitness classes because I have a problem with co-ordination and so really had to screw up my courage to even apply.

How did you feel after your first session?

Awesome!  The only person I am competing with is me!  Matt and Jamie assessed my mobility, strength and flexibility and set a programme to suit my abilities – I felt that I was achieving from day one.

What’s the biggest thing you have learnt from the training sessions?

That its ‘form over reps’; doing the exercise properly will achieve better results and that I am competing against myself.  I find this very motivational because I want to improve.  Matt and Jamie are very encouraging too.

What have you learnt from the nutrition coaching?

Oh, where do I begin?  I was in a bit of a mess where nutrition was concerned, eating low fat, high sugar foods and had really given up with my diet because nothing seemed to ‘work’.  I was maintaining my weight by using some quite unhealthy practices.  Matt’s nutrition workshop was a real eye-opener for me and now, for the first time in years I am not only enjoying food, I am looking forward to my meals and to preparing them!

What have you enjoyed the most?

Everything!  The sense of achievement, the camaraderie of the others in the group, the sharing of ideas, thoughts and goals – accountability – on the face book group.  Even, would you believe, getting up at 5:30am because that feels like an achievement too.  Most of all I am enjoying the results of my hard work, especially as people notice.

What are your results?

I lost a stone in 6 weeks and 11 inches overall.

If you want to achieve results like Christine then be quick to get your application form in! Spaces are filling up quickly …

Men ONLY Click Here for our MANSformation program

Ladies ONLY Click Here A Stone in 6 Challenge program

Start date for next challenge: Monday 18th April