3 Simple Ways To Lose Weight Through Purposeful Action

And Avoid The Normal Pitfalls Of Goal-Setting

Yo-yo dieting isn’t a new frustration for people. Nor is it an uncommon one – with many dieters revealing to us they have spent most of their life on a diet. Last week I shared why using PURPOSE as your driving force for motivation is a crucial ingredient & can make a huge difference in finally put an end to failed diet attempts.

Here’s the post again, “How to make exercise compliance effortless”

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Feedback from the post was good, however, I know taking a concept like, “living with purpose,” is one thing… using it is another!

So today I’m going to give you 3 simple ways to start applying purposeful transformation into your life. This is a pure action-based post that will leave you with strategies you can implement immediately TODAY.

Now there are TONNES of ways to live a more purposeful life. But at LPT we are in the business of supporting you towards a healthier & fitter life – so for now lets start with the big 3 – EXERCISE, DIET & RECOVERY.

  1. EXERCISING for purpose: For 90% of gym-goers, the purpose of their exercise efforts is purely a means to burn calories. This is a great example of how NOT to approach your exercise (unless you wish to carry on stop-starting your fitness efforts). Training purely for the calorific burn is like working all your life without spending a penny of your hard earned cash – there’s just no incentive. Instead, think hard about why achieving/maintaining a healthy weight is important to you or why you even need that calorific burn. For me personally, I train for mobility first, ALWAYS. The purpose? Simple, to grow old without back pain, tight muscles or movement restriction. To be able to keep up with my children and enjoy life. Secondly I train for health. Contrary to belief, lifting weights & performing cardio exercises like running aren’t things a particularly love to do. 10 years ago maybe but these days I can usually think of 101 other things I’d rather do. However, I know how important building a strong & mobile body is to overall health and without good health I simply cannot be the best husband, father or businessman possible. So on those days when the last thing I want to do is exercise, it’s these ^^ values & deeper meanings that create my purposeful action to get my lazy ass off to a training, stretching or a foam rolling session. AKA Using purpose is my motivator. How can you relate your training so it has a deeper meaning than just the calorie burn? Better movement. Maybe you have an event you would love to do? Or maybe you just want to be able to climb the stairs without puffing. Attach reason to your exercise efforts & compliance will be far far easier in the long run.
  2. DIET: Firstly lets get one thing clear. Eating healthy does NOT need to mean a life on chicken & broccoli. It really CAN be tasty too. And for the many hundreds of people who have gone through our transformation programs, many rarely ever go back to eating junk food. Now we’ve got that out of the way, lets talk about eating for purpose. I DO believe one of the biggest mistakes people make with their food choices & diet attempts is eating for comfort NOT purpose. The difference is out-come based eating (purposeful eating) has an end result. It has meaning. It is mindful, not mindless. For example; Eating a protein dense food with a complex carb after a heavy weights session would be a good outcome-based food choice because the body requires these two macronutrients to nourish & rebuild your muscles after being broken down. When you start to view food as a fuel (much like the how you treat the diesel you put into your car), THEN  that you can start being more purposeful about your food choices. So the message here, is to remember next time you’re creating your healthy eating meal plan, ask yourself WHY these foods are on your list. What purpose do they have. (If your not sure where the value of certain foods lie then I suggest being educated quick in this area. We can certainly help. Our 6 week transformation program was designed to educate people as well as motivate and coach. Click here to find out more)
  3. RECOVERY: Purposeful rest you ask? Yes really. In case your not aware, your body does NOT transform when you are lifting weights. Nor does it get fitter whilst on your on that run. Nope, your body only reaps the rewards from training when you’re doing jack-all – With SLEEP being one of the key components of rest. And so it makes logical sense (hopefully) that the better quality sleep/rest you have, the better results you’ll get. So if your hitting the deck at night as a means to purely crash after a long day, rather than following a sleep routine that allows you to get into the deepest sleep possible, then their is a good chance you’re not reaping the rewards great sleep offers. Personally, I take my sleep seriously! Now with a 2 year old it doesn’t always go to plan HOWEVER I still do what I can to create the best recovery possible for my body with a good night sleep- avoiding blue light an hour before bed, wearing an eye-mask to block out any light, ear-buds to keep noise down and sleep spray are just a few of my strategies for sleeping like a baby. We have whole training that covers sleep on our 6 week program that goes into much more detail. But if you take anything from this section it’s too take your recovery as serious as your training. If your training hard you should be stretching & mobilising hard! If you working hard and have high mental stress you should be using deep breathing or mindfulness practices to give your brain a chance to reset too.

There you go. Some simple strategies and new ways of thinking about how you approach the big THREE  of Diet, exercise & recovery.

As always I recommend simplicity when choosing what purposeful action you may start with today. Choose just ONE thing you can start being more purposeful about today.

As always our team of coaches at LPT are hear to help.

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Matt Sutton

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Our Members Told Us They Had Tried Everything To Lose Weight. Then They Tried THIS






6 Surprising Reasons You Can’t Stop Snacking

By Jamie Houghton, Head Coach at Lifestyle Performance Transformations NCC

Do you ever get those days where you just CAN’T STOP snacking? You get to the evening, look back at what you’ve eaten and you feel pretty fed up about it.

Hunger is a sign that your body needs food/liquids so you go about your day.

Snacking-Time-Should-Be-Correct-800x400But what if you really struggle to control your hunger…?

What if you snack even though you’re NOT hungry….?

^^^We’re all guilty of that one!

But why?

Well in this post, the 7 Surprising Reasons You Can’t Stop Snacking, we will help  you tweak some of your daily habits to keep your appetite in check, eat when you’re actually hungry AND be able to start seeing some results…

1. You’re not eating often enough

It may sound obvious but if you only eat large meals hours apart, then believe it or not but this actually makes you feel hungrier. When you go too long without food your stomach panics and releases hormones that leave you feeling famished.

Try eating less but more often…have a meal or snack every three to four hours. Also it’s not a bad idea keep an emergency snack on you, like a small handful of nuts in some tupperware.

2. You’re not getting the right nutrients

Foods that keep you feeling fuller for longer have three components…

  1. Fiber
  2. Protein
  3. Healthy fat

All three can help slow digestion, which keeps blood sugar stable and keeps you full for longer. Aim for at least an average of 30 grams protein p/meal and don’t be afraid to add healthy fats to your diet!

The beauty of this approach (focusing on the few most critical factors) is it does the work for you, meaning you DON’T have to rely on will-power in order to stick to a healthy eating plan like the ones we teach at LPT.

For example most people are unaware that their first few alcoholic drinks are not fulfilling a craving for alcohol but one of hydration. So next time you get home from work after a stressful day, before you crack open that bottle of red, try downing a pint of water and THEN decide if you still crave that glass of the good stuff! You WILL be surprised at what happens.

3. You’re dehydrated (and confusing thirst for hunger)

This leads on from point umber 2. Quite simply as clever as our brains are…sometimes yours can confuse hunger for thirst!

If you’re starting to feel peckish…chances are you’re already dehydrated!

Aim to drink 3 litres of water daily…alternatively you’ll know you’re drinking enough water when your pee is light yellow or clear. We even give our members our urine colour chart within our 6 week welcome packs to help them establish where their hydration is at!

4. You’re not paying attention to what you’re eating

Eating mindfully – something that we coach you on as part of our “6 Week Transformation Challenge” (CLICK HERE  for more info) is something that means actually paying attention to what you’re eating, instead of shovelling it in your mouth as you’re running off to do something else!

Easier said that done…I know! But it is important for your body to register when it’s hungry or not and shovelling your meals down doesn’t allow your body to do that!

5. Yohomer-snacksu’re eating too many simple carbs and sugars

You know what carbs I mean…white bread, pasta, pastries and sugar will make it impossible to feel satisfied. All of these cause your blood sugar to rise and then an hour or so later it will crash rapidly causing your body to crave more fuel…more sugar!

This is a bad cycle to be in and unknowingly you can pile in way more carbs than you actually need!


6. You’re stressed

Simply put, stress increases your body’s production of the hormone cortisol, which boosts appetite…and when you’re stressed reaching for a healthy high protein snack is probably not your first thought!

Feeling less stressed will help control your hunger. However it’s not always easy controlling your stress which is why we teach you stress management tips and tools on our “6 Week Transformation Challenge” (CLICK HERE for more info) something that our members report back is that these tools ACTUALLY work!

So there you have it!

I hope that’s given you some clarity…

It will be worth re-reading those 6 points again and making notes on which ones relate to you specifically (maybe all of them!)

Nutrition coaching is a huge part of our coaching program at LPT giving you knowledge to get some amazing results on your weight loss journey.

What Our Members Say..

Christine (our past winner of LPT’s “A Stone in 6 Transformation Challenge”, had this to say about our nutrition coaching…

I was maintaining my weight by using some quite unhealthy practices.  Matt’s nutrition workshop was a real eye-opener for me and now, for the first time in years I am not only enjoying food, I am looking forward to my meals and to preparing them!


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The Best 8 “Super” Greens To Boost Your Weight Loss

By Jamie Houghton, Head Coach at Lifestyle Performance Transformations NCC

You’ve heard about the green smoothie and super-greens and possibly even green powders. But WHAT greens are best for weight loss?

In general, green vegetables deliver a high amount of nutritional value in very few calories. Possibly more importantly – veggies are low on the glycemic index. Too much insulin in the body can lead to weight gain, and low-glycemic foods (like your greens) keep insulin levels low.

Here are my favourite greens to get you started…



1) Brussels Sprouts – everyones friend!
In order to reap the full weight loss benefits of sprouts’ fiber content, steam them. Brussels sprouts are also filled with vitamin C, and other important nutrients including folate and manganese.


2) Spinach

This classic green is packed with fibre, water, and vitamin C, and it’s very versatile. Spinach can be used raw in salads or quickly steamed or sautéed. I personally love to pack it into my smoothies!

3) Cucumber
A refreshing and crisp green. I also love using this as an addition to smoothies, juices, and salads. Cucumbers have a very high water content and are low in calories.

4) Kale
This is a real powerhouse of a green! Full of essential vitamins and nutrients, including vitamin A and manganese, one cup of kale also contains 71% of your daily value of vitamin C. Vitamin C is an awesome assistant when it comes to weight loss!

5) Turnip Greens
Possibly one you haven’t heard of before. These greens are high in fibre, with 5g per cup. Fibre helps to fill you up and it kindly ushers fats out of the blood stream.Bunch-Of-Vibrant-Turnip-Greens.jpg.rend.hgtvcom.1280.960

6) Avocado
This creamy green fruit is high in monounsaturated fats, helping to lower cholesterol and manage your weight. This is an awesome fruit to have for breakfast…the high fat content will help you burn fat during your day!

7) Celery
PACKED with fibre and almost calorie free this refreshing green is yet another great addition to salads and smoothies.

8) Broccoli
These “mini trees” are loaded with complex carbohydrates, meaning that your body burns it slowly, keeping you fuller for longer. Like kale, it’s full of vitamin C. You’ll also get a good dose of fiber and folate.

This is just a drop in the ocean of the type of nutrition coaching that we offer on our 6 Week Transformation Program.

With our second program kicking off on Monday 29th February we are already 80% full! So only a few spaces left…

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Jamie Houghton

Head Coach at LPT Northampton NCC

3 Surprising Ways To Eliminate Your Sweet Tooth

By Jamie Houghton, Head Coach at Lifestyle Performance Transformations NCC

Whatever you’ve tried, however good you’ve eaten…you just can’t seem to get rid of your sweet tooth! It’s that devil and angel on your shoulder situation right?

You know the struggles of trying cut down on your sweet treat intake. So make note of these 3 tips (number 3 will surprise you) and you’ll soon be able to kick your sweet tooth goodbye and get your cravings under control

1. Fuel yourself well throughout your day with the “right” fuel.

If you try to “be good” or “eat clean” all week,  to treat yourself one night at the weekend, you may be too restrictive during the week plus it will give you someone to look forward to and work hard towards.

Make sure you include these food groups with every meals:

  • protein
  • non-starchy carbs (veggies)
  • fats

With the right fuel in your body you’ll function better throughout the day and you’re cravings will diminish.

Think about your car…you wouldn’t put petrol in a diesel engine on purpose would you…? If you do your car will break down.

It’s exactly the same with our bodies…fill up on the right fuel!

2. Keep only portion-controlled, satisfying “treats” in your home.

Portion controlAnything you can eat and enjoy one serving of is allowed in your home.

Anything you cannot stop eating once you start is out! Just chuck it in a bin bag and get rid of them.

My favorites include 90%-100% dark chocolate – the richness means I can only enjoy 1 square at a time. Anymore than that and I don’t enjoy it.


3. Remove all artificial sweeteners.

This may surprise you…but artificial sweeteners can sabotage your weight loss and healthy lifestyle goals!


But how? Sweeteners can be calorie free right!?

It’s all down to how our brains and taste buds work together.

Artificial sweeteners can:

  • Stimulate your appetite
  • Increase your carb cravings
  • Stimulate fat storage hormones

Try to eliminate your intake of artificially sweetened yogurts, desserts, beverages, etc. etc. over a period of time.

At LPT our 6 week transformers comment all the time on how they haven’t even thought about reaching for some chocolate! Karen even said to me this morning…

“I was in the supermarket, automatically found myself down the cake and biscuit isle and I stopped! I actually said out loud I DON’T NEED ANY OF THIS RUBBISH and turned around again. I really didn’t want any cake!!”

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Thanks for reading!

Jamie Houghton

Head Coach at LPT Northampton NCC

P.S. – Be sure to apply those 3 steps in this article to start to kicking your sweet tooth AND start seeing results!

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Small Changes. Big Habits

By Jamie Houghton, Head Coach at Lifestyle Performance Transformations NCC

One of the reasons people fail to achieve their weight loss goals is because they change too much…tooooo soon. You would have heard this back at the start of January…
“I’m going to actually use my gym membership, eat healthy & stop drinking alcohol!”
Two weeks go by and you get on ok, drop a pound or two but it’s not long before the first glass of wine creeps in, the first square of chocolate comes back…?
Sound Familiar?
Too many lifestyle changes at once leave us more likely to give up as quickly as we started….FACT
I’ve seen it for myself just these past two weeks. So start small.

Focus on JUST ONE thing and nail that first,

..THEN move onto your next habit.

Ok, you might not drop weight as fast as your friend in those first 2 weeks

…BUT in the long run YOU will succeed

Here are 3 simple habits to get you started:

Week 1: Start by drinking more water. 2-3 litres daily is a great start.

You’ll eat less as a results & feel more energised.

Week 2: Eat only clean food – easier than it sounds. Just don’t eat anything that comes out of a packet & has a list of a million ingredients.

Week 3: Eat a source of protein, healthy fats and non-starchy carbs (veggies) with EVERY meal.
That’s it!
3 weeks of new habits for you to work on ONE at a time. Stick to them for the 3 weeks and just wait for the lbs to drop off! Make these new habits and the weight loss will be a side effect you don’t even have to think about!
LPT’s 6 week transformations programs go neck deep into HOW exactly to stick with these habits consistently & effectively. The good news is next week we are opening the doors for our next intake.
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