Corporate Wellness



“Energise your Team today for

Improved Performance,

Productivity and Staff Morale”


The Facts:


£11.6 Billion and rising – the cost of employee sickness absence to UK employers
(Absence & Labour turnover 2003 –CBI survey 2003)

£659 – the average cost of sickness absence per employee per year
(CIPD Absence management survey July 2007)

£3.7 Billion – the cost of stress to UK industry ( 2006)

30 million – the number of days lost due to work related ill health ( 2007)

£7,750 – the average recruitment cost per employee (CIPD survey 2007)

6.4 days – the average number of sick days per employee per year (CBI survey 2008)



People are the most valuable assets of a business and need to be kept happy, healthy and productive.

We are passionate about delivering a package that will inspire your workforce while helping you to increase your company’s productivity.


“Improve your bottom line through Health, Fitness & Well-Being”

Our PPP (Personal Performance Plan) gives employees the opportunity to enhance their health and wellbeing, delivering results that will have a positive impact on your bottom line.


What can our Corporate Wellness Programme

do for your business?

Growing productivity


Our Peak Performance Programme delivers a positive

return on investment by:

  • Improving your company’s productivity

  • Increasing recruitment potential

  • Reducing absenteeism

  • Decreasing compensation claims from employees

  • Reducing staff turnover

  • Increasing staff morale

To discuss your companies needs and how

The Peak Performance Programme can

work for you please email us on

[email protected] to book a consultation.




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