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What is a Purposeful Transformation?

Hey, it’s Matt!

So you wanna know a little about moi? No, worries, here we go…

(But be warned! This could get a little deep!)

What you see, is what you get.

(Complete transparency)

I didn’t always have this confidence though….

It took beating cancer & over-coming a lot of soul searching to find my true path in life…helping people through my unique coaching process.

Suffice to say, I’m NOT your typical personal trainer and LPT isn’t your typical Personal Training company.

We don’t beast people… we coach people.

We don’t tell you what to do.. we help you find the  path that aligns with YOUR wants, needs & desires.

We don’t preach to people one set of rules…we suggest methods THEY may have influence on.

What is it you do?

We coach people to achieving transformations that go far beyond just losing a little bit of weight or toning up.

Instead, we are passionate about helping people achieve Purposeful Transformations. 

What is a Purposeful Transformation?

You see years ago I was happy enough just helping people lose weight & getting fitter.

However, after surviving my own life threatening illness, I realised weight loss alone was a pretty shallow goal and was rarely the real reason someone wanted to lose weight. It was clear most people had much deeper reasons for wanting to lose weight & get healthy than just looking good on the beach!

People talk about legacy…

I like to think mine is to make a small dent in the universe by influencing positive changes in as many people as I can through Purposeful Transformation.

So what does a Purposeful Transformation look like?

Well, it means something different to everyone we coach but here are some common reasons that we find people want to become better versions of themselves:

  • To have the ability to keep up with kids as they get older
  • Improve the quality of relationships/marriages
  • They want to be able to enjoy Travel in old age
  • Increased confidence in daily life
  • Ability to be able to focus better at work & therefore be more productive
  • More energy to spend time with children
  • Promotions at work
  • Improved libido

 Where do you do this from?

LPT now has THREE facilities in Northamptonshire (Kettering, Thrapston, Northampton) where we provide a combination of personal training, group personal training & other coaching services, (such as Lifestyle Performance Coaching, Nutrition Coaching & Mindset coaching).

When required, we also provide at-home personal training services around Northamptonshire & online services too if what you are looking for is one of our coaching facilities.


What qualifies you as someone I should

listen to?

I set up Lifestyle Performance Transformations some 12 years ago now, when I decided that after 6 years working as a carer, my gift to the world was to help people lead a happier, healthier & more inspired life.

Since that decision, LPT as a company has helped thousands of people transform their bodies & change their lifestyle for the better.

The results speak for themselves and in 2012 the results made national news but also led to me being awarded a place into the top 100 trainers in the world.




(In 2016 alone, we have achieved nearly 200 stone weight loss just between our Northampton & Kettering facilities).

How Can You Get Started With LPT?

We understand that for many people the first step of just reaching out to someone is scary.

For this reason we offer a one off and completely ===> FREE Exploration Session.

In this session we simply sit down & do what you’ve probably needed to do for a long time.

Have an in-depth conversation about where you are right now in your life with your goals & where you want to be in 3, 6 or 12 months time.

At the end of the session we hope to be able to offer you a package that meets your specific needs in terms of results, budget, time frame etc. At the very least you will walk away with tonnes more clarity on what you need to do to start seeing results quickly.




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Thanks for Reading.




Chief Transformation Officer

Founder @ LPT








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